Treatments Rituals


Salt Treatment Massage Ritual [75min|80€]

Detoxifying and revitalizing treatment whose positive effects are provided by Himalayan salt together with essential trace elements. It is the key element of treatment, used in the form of crystals dissolved in oil for the involvement of the ritual, and heated stones and applied in the body in a pleasant massage. It’s a quiet and relaxing treatment that purifies and cleans at all levels.

Tranquillity Aromatic Ritual [45min|50€]

Aromatic anti-stress treatment and moisturizer for face and body.

Relieves stress and tension states, toning and smoothing the skin. Includes a nice massage which creates a physical wellbeing and emotional comfort.

Aromasoul Ritual Scrub [60min | 80€]

Renewing treatment with nutrient essential oils.

A single ritual renewal of the body, with a body scrubing, to an intimate connection with four Aromasoul Massage Rituals that reflect the ancients traditions cultures of East, Mediterranean, Indian & Arabic. It nourishes, rejuvenates and gives radiance to all skin types.

Swan Senses (75min.) | 95

Exfoliation Ritual & Massage Candles.

The aroma of the essences, the magic of fire, the warmth of the environment, the heat of the candles with a magical body scrub & a warm Candle Massage.