Treatments Body


Body Strategist Nutricional (50min) – 35€

Organica treatment and balancing for body.

Vegetable active ingredientes provide a perfect tone, elasticity, anti-oxidant and moisturizing the skin.

Body Strategist Cellulite Remodeller (50min) – 40€

Remodeling nutritional treatment.

Due to deep oxygenation and Garcinia cambogia extract, constrasts all signs of celulite. The ski is completely toned, remodeled and elasticity.

Body Strategist Refiner (50min) – 36€

Intensive anti-cellulite treatment.

Remarkably effective in eliminating fats, due to caritina and caffeine, the action hot-cold model and reaffirms at the same time.

Body Strategist Essential Oil Blend (50min.) – 35€ /pack 4-120€

Anti-cellulite treatments with bandages.

Essential oils and active ingredients combined to provide a treatment which stimulates the remodeling and slimming action or treatment with draining action and immediate feeling of lightness.

Vital Leg (50min) – 40€/pack 4 100€

Refreshing treatment for legs.

Designed for legs subject to fluid retention, tension and heaviness. The circulation is improved by the use of natural extracts and essential oils. Visibly reduces the swelling and retrieves the lightness and vitality with a prolonged feeling of freshness.

D-Age (50min) – 40€

Firming anti-aging treatment.

An innovative treatment with oil of Kamani, restores firmness and body elasticity with a thermal blanket.

New Mum (50min) – 45€

Toning and Firming Treatment.

A unique synergy of products and massage to restore tissue elasticity and firmness

*Note: all the products used in the treatments are exclusive from the brand Comfort Zone.